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We are a Sheffield based team of driving instructors offering driving lessons for Manual and Automatic. We provide instructor training and refresher lessons.

We aim to provide a friendly, professional service, by DVSA Approved Driving Instructors.

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Best Driver Trainer aims to provide a client centred learning experience, in a friendly, professional approach. We welcome learners who are new to driving, right through to pupils who have passed their driving test, and requiring refresher lessons. We have access to male and female instructors. Our aim is to put the spring in your step and make a positive contribution to your driving.

We have a friendly team of instructors highly recommended for quality and competitively priced driving lessons in Sheffield and surrounding areas.


If your provisional driving licence has just arrived, or you have had a few driving lessons or you just need a refresher, we have the right course of training for you.  We offer pay as you go, intensive or semi intensive driving lessons.

Driving Lessons

There are many benefits to choosing manual lessons, such as having more control, the ability to drive a wide range of makes and models that only come with manual transmission, and, in some cases, greater fuel efficiency.

It’s important to remember that with a manual licence you’ll be able to drive both manual and automatic cars once you’ve passed your test (the reverse does not apply with an automatic licence). That means that choosing to learn to drive a manual will give you more options when buying or renting a vehicle. Another benefit to getting your manual licence is that manual transmission cars tend to be cheaper than the automatic version of the same make, and, as the mechanism is less complicated, they can often be more reliable. Lastly, if you’re planning to do a lot of driving in icy or snowy conditions, then a manual car can offer greater control and so perform better when roads are slippery or dangerous.

It’s worth taking the time to consider which is best for your needs, but whether you choose manual or automatic driving lessons, you can be sure that you will receive the same high standards of tuition from Best Driver Trainer instructors

When looking for a driving school providing automatic tuition as well the variety of other life skills, look no further. Automatics operate without a clutch and a need to find a biting point, all that is needed is to set the gas and release a handbrake. This can make life easier and less stressful for learners. The progression rates are much more higher. 

Driving Lessons

  • Less hassle with uphill move offs.
  • No clutch pedal.
  • Less difficulty than the average manual car.
  • Maybe  a better option for disable users.
  • Found an automatic car you like and want to try it out first.
We can help!

Automatic vehicles are generally more enjoyable to drive, with many more options to choose from, it could be the right choice for you. Automatics are proving to be more and more fuel efficient and reliable.

The average student required slightly less lessons in an automatic, this coupled with our intensive courses could help achieve a pass result quicker.


Brilliant driving instructor, really builds your confidence on the road.

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Shoaib Amin

I had an amazing instructor Ishi, who made sure I had the best training she could offer. She was always willing to correct me when I made a wrong manoeuvre and also cheer me on when I did it right. With her help I have been able to pass my test, and I am grateful.

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Great service offered with flexible hours and the best patience to deliver excellent results HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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Qoser Yasir

Excellent service. Great range of hours available. Worth every penny!

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Ishie is honestly the best instructor! She passed me in weeks the first time! Ishie built up my confidence and she’s honestly just the best, she was my driving instructor but she also became a friend, can’t recommend her enough!

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Excellent service my wife passed first time amazing communication and loved her professionalism

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Kamran Raoof

Salma is a fantastic instructor! She made me feel more confident and at ease with driving and I really enjoyed my lessons. She was really flexible when booking lessons and could always fit around my work. I felt I made progress each lesson and felt I always knew what my strengths and weaknesses were with my driving so I knew what I needed to work on. I ended up passing first time with 3 minors. I would definitely recommend Salma to anyone learning to drive!

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Salma was amazing with me & I passed my test first time in around 3 months with her!! You feel relaxed and confident when driving with Salma and she does everything to make sure you’re ready for your test while also being flexible with your hours! Thanks Salma x

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Jessica Fillingham

Excellent instructor, very kind, patient and always provides exceptional instruction. I passed first time and wouldn't have done so without her help!

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Great instructor helped with my taxi training all the help made me pass first time round. Thankyou alot

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I left my old instructor and started lessons with Salma. Great instructor, focused on the small things my previous instructor hadn’t and gave me the confidence to take my test and pass first time. Highly recommend especially for nervous drivers.

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Brianna Slater

Fantastic driving school! I really lacked confidence and skill on the road until I met Amreen. Now I have passed with 2 minors. Would highly recommend her for those who are looking to learn. The best driving instructor I've had so far (I've had 3 in the past). Extremely grateful and happy with the service.

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Fantastic experience! Ishie made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. I felt full fully prepared and confident going into my driving test and I passed my Theory and Driving Test on my 1st go!! Super proud!! Couldn’t have done it without Ishie

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Isshy, an absolute great instructor! Picked me up on my weak points and directed me to improve, she is fantastic at her job, I would definitely recommend.

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I honestly couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor. Salma knows her trade and knows best how to accommodate you. On top of that, she's has a great personality that makes you feel very comfortable. Listen to her and you'll pass first time

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Today I passed my manual driving test with 0 faults. All of this was possible thanks to my driving instructor Salma Yousaf! Salma has helped me build up my confidence and I cannot thank her enough for being so patient and supportive all the way. I would highly recommend her and Best Driver Trainer to anyone who want to learn to drive in a relaxed and comfortable environment, with a great instructor. Thank you!

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Had a great experience with Salma Yousaf! I passed quickly and had many hours practice with her because of her flexibility. Very lovely lady and takes genuine interest in you and is determined to help you pass.

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Excellent instructor, clear instructions given to help with my driving. would recommend this to anyone wanting to pass their driving. Thanks again to Salma Yousaf for making me pass!

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Had a great experience driving with Salma Yousaf from Best Driver Trainer. Throughout the lessons she kept extremely calm and patient, yet assertive when required. It was clear that her lessons were planned out and she never failed to help me understand everything. She’d work 7 days a week and was flexible around my uni and work timetable. She ensured I was comfortable enough to ask her anything which as a whole eased the whole process. She truly made the whole experience enjoyable and thanks to her I passed first time with only 1 minor! Highly recommend Salma!

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I passed my test, first time, easily, because I had several lessons with Salma Yousaf and I think she is one the best educators I have ever met. She was very thorough in teaching me how to be a safe, efficient and capable driver, showing a lot of patience with my flaws and allocating enough time to cover and resolve them. I highly recommend Best Driver Trainer, but specifically Salma Yousaf to anyone who wants to get a good driving education.

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I've had a number of excellent lessons with Salma over the past few months and she's been an absolutely amazing instructor. Her teaching style was great, she put me at ease and I always felt supported. She really helped me learn and, more importantly, understand what I was doing. As a result of Salma's instruction I passed my test first time round with very few minors (and those were because I was being overly-cautious!). I'd wholeheartedly recommend her, it's been a real pleasure to learn with her as my instructor.

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Today me and my husband passed with Salma and Amreen, they worked on our tight budget and delivered excellent training. We both passed first time.

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Nawal and Mohammed