We are a Sheffield based team of driving instructors offering driving lessons for Manual and Automatic. We provide instructor training and refresher lessons.

Best Driver Trainer aims to provide a client centred learning experience, in a friendly, professional approach.

We welcome learners who are new to driving, right through to pupils who have passed their driving test, and requiring refresher lessons.

We have access to male and female instructors. Our aim is to put the spring in your step and make a positive contribution to your driving.

Whatever your requirements, we have the right course for you. We offer pay as you go, intensive or semi intensive driving lessons.

We Offer

Manual & Automatic Lessons

Male & Female Instructors

Hourly Lessons

Intensive Courses

Refresher Courses

Pass Plus

Motorway Tuitions

Pick Up, Drop Off

Instructor Training

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Manual Driving Lessons

There are many benefits to choosing manual lessons, such as having more control, the ability to drive a wide range of makes and models that only come with manual transmission, and, in some cases, greater fuel efficiency.

It’s important to remember that with a manual licence you’ll be able to drive both manual and automatic cars once you’ve passed your test (the reverse does not apply with an automatic licence).

That means that choosing to learn to drive a manual will give you more options when buying or renting a vehicle. Another benefit to getting your manual licence is that manual transmission cars tend to be cheaper than the automatic version of the same make, and, as the mechanism is less complicated, they can often be more reliable. 

Lastly, if you’re planning to do a lot of driving in icy or snowy conditions, then a manual car can offer greater control and so perform better when roads are slippery or dangerous.

Automatic Driving Lessons

  • Less hassle with uphill move offs.
  • No clutch pedal.
  • Less difficulty than the average manual car.
  • Maybe a better option for disable users.
  • Found an automatic car you like and want to try it out first.

When looking for a driving school providing automatic tuition as well the variety of other life skills, look no further. Automatics operate without a clutch and a need to find a biting point, all that is needed is to set the gas and release a handbrake. This can make life easier and less stressful for learners. The progression rates are much more higher.

We Can Help

Automatic vehicles are generally more enjoyable to drive, with many more options to choose from, it could be the right choice for you. Automatics are proving to be more and more fuel efficient and reliable.

The average student required slightly less lessons in an automatic, this coupled with our intensive courses could help achieve a pass result quicker.

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